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CUESTAR  Industry  (S)  Pte  Ltd  was  established  in  1987  as  an  industrial  cleaning specialist.  Backed  up  by  the  rich  experiences  and  unique  techno  methodology,  the company  has  been  offering  cleaning  services  to  extensive  industrial  fields  including petroleum,  petrochemical,  steel  mill,  paper-making,  chemical,  shipbuilding  &  repair, power station and gas industries.

Our expertise includes, but not limited to, chemical cleaning, hydrojetting works, pig cleaning, oil flushing, decontamination, maintenance cleaning.  Equipment cleaning work ranges from boilers, heat exchangers, plant systems, pipelines, tanks, towers, vessels etc.

At Cuestar, we combine technology capabilities and reliable operations to meet our client’s requirements and provide them with suitable and efficient treatment solutions. We are strive to provide excellent service for our clients and are committed to on time work delivery.


Engage customers and understand their problems and needs.
Execute suitable solutions with productivity, effective and safe manner.
Expand in technologies, methodologies and chemicals to provide quicker and greener results.


Develop Clean Solutions that is greener and productive to promote greener and safer environment in the industry.

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